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The Keys To Storing A Car Correctly

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If there is a reason that you will be storing your car for a long time without driving it then there are things you should do to protect it from different types of damage. Here are some of the things you want to do to your car before you store it for a good length of time:

Keep your car covered

If you are able to park your car in a garage, then this would be the way to go. Keeping it in a garage will keep it in a situation where the temperature is kept as stable as possible and it is kept out of direct sunlight and other harsh types of weather conditions, such as snow. If you do have to store the car outside then you should cover it, but do try to somehow park it under protection as well, such as a carport.

Don't let the battery lose its charge

If you don't start the car up every now and again then the battery will end up losing its charge and eventually you will need to replace it. All it takes for you to maintain a charge in the battery is to have someone start the car up for just a couple of minutes a couple of times a month.

Clean the car before storing it

You may wonder why you would clean your car just to park it. However, the reason is so you can prevent damage to the paint. If there is bird droppings, sap or other things on the paint and you park the car that way for months then it is going to cause these things to get more and more stuck to the paint and when you pull the car out and finally go to wash it, there may be pretty bad damage.

Move the car at least a few inches

When you leave the car sitting for a long time in the exact same spot it is going to put pressure on the same exact parts of the tires. This can cause them to take on an odd shape once you go back to driving the car and this can even lead to a blowout. Moving the car back and forth just a few inches every now and again while the car is being stored can help prevent these tire issues. You may find it is most convenient to do it while you are also starting the car to prevent the battery from dying.

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