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Three Things To Know If Your Car's Windshield Is Cracked Or Chipped

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If you notice that there is one or more chips in the windshield of your car, or you have a crack on any part of your windshield, then there are a few things you should know. You realize that the issue will need to be addressed, but the following information will help you with your windshield problem.

You should not delay fixing the problem

There are many reasons for this, but at the top of the list is your safety. Driving with any type of obstruction to your vision can cause an accident. And if you are fortunate not to get into a car accident, you can still be ticketed. In most jurisdictions, a police officer can cite you for a safety violation. Also, by not fixing the problem right away, you may turn a potential small repair into one of windshield replacement. Vibrations while driving can cause a crack to grow larger or a chip to expand in all directions.

Can your windshield be repaired?

Obviously, repairing your windshield will be cheaper than replacing it, but not all windshields can be repaired. If you have a chip in the glass and it is less than the diameter of a nickel, it usually can be repaired. Sometimes chips larger than this can be repaired, but it depends upon the depth of the chip. The idea of a repair is not simply to fill a chip or crack, but to restore visibility. A special resin is injected into the windshield, and a vacuum is pulled. Once the resin dries, your windshield will be like new. But the equipment used for this type of repair must fit over the chip, and the resin also has limitations on what it can achieve.

Mobile services are available

Whether you are getting a repair or having your windshield replaced, mobile services are available. There is no reason to drive around with a bad windshield. You can also have a mobile service come out to your place of work and make a repair in the parking lot. Or you can have a new windshield brought to your location, and then have it installed. This is a good time saver, but it can also be a valuable service if your windshield has become unsafe for driving.

Some companies only do repairs while other companies do both repairs and new windshield installations. So if you're not sure which service you need, you can contact a company that offers both. Many of these companies offer mobile services for both repair and replacement of car windshields. Contact a service, like Glass Pro Inc, to get started.