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Teenage Trucker Travels: 5 Semi Trucker Features For Taking Older Children On The Road

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Your career as a truck driver may sound appealing to your children and as they blossom into teens, that appeal may become stronger. Taking them out on the road during school vacations or summer break is a great way to experience life as a trucker. While there are no federal regulations on bringing your teen along for the ride, you may have to get permission from the company you work for. Once permission is granted and you decide to travel with your child, there are a number of semi truck features that will cater to them. When shopping for used semi trucks, consider the following five features and how they can benefit your teen on the road.

Upgraded Center Consoles

As your teenager sits in the co-pilot seat for hours a day, you want to ensure they are relaxed, entertained, and ready to experience the open road. By purchasing a semi truck with an updated center console, you can provide them with plenty of space for items and activities. Consoles with storage space in them is great for holding handheld gaming systems, tablets, or puzzle books. The cup holders and open sections of the console make it easy for a teen to enjoy meals and snacks while on the road. The console is a great place to store paper maps and atlases. By using maps, your teen can follow the trucking route and understand what parts of the country you are traveling through.

Bluetooth Sound System

Teens often love and connect to the music that they listen to. If music is a distraction while you are driving, both of you can benefit from a Bluetooth sound system. Instead of blasting music through the truck's speakers, your child can connect to the sound system using a Bluetooth headset. This allows them to enjoy music while you still get to hear your own preferred sounds on the open road. Traveling in small quarters is all about compromise and that is a great way to provide for both you and your teen.

Loft Beds

When shopping for used semi trucks with sleeper cabs, it's a good idea to look for cabs with loft beds in them. The higher loft bed is easier for a teen to access and gives them privacy when they need it. Whether it's for sleeping overnight or just to take a nap, a loft can help a teen feel like they have a place of their own to truly relax and enjoy the trip. A top loft is a great place for them to store bags, souvenirs, and other items that they collect along the trip. Extra features like small windows or a skylight can give them some natural light when enjoying the loft during the day.

Cab Separations

For some teens, being around your parents all day can be a hassle. This is why it's important to offer times of separation. When shopping for sleeper cabs, look for different separators that go between the cabs. The simplest form is a curtain. A drawn curtain allows a teen to have privacy, watch television, or just relax for a few hours. Some more sturdy cabs include pull-out doors that can completely block off the front cab. This is ideal for when the teen is changing clothes, napping, or seeking some quiet time.

Internet Connections

Just because you're hitting the open road doesn't mean you need to be cut off from life back home. You can shop around for trucks that have features for connecting to the internet. Some trucks have built-in phone jacks and antennas that can give you Internet and Wi-Fi connections. Other trucks feature satellite connections so you can subscribe to satellite Internet connections. Once your teen is connected online, they can remain in contact with friends and other family members. It can also be used to look up dining locations and various stops to make along the trip.

Be preparing ahead of time for the trip and purchasing a semi truck with these features, you can create great memories and bonding moments while on the road. Talk with your teen to see what features appeal most to them.