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4 Truck Parts & Accessories Ideal For 4Th Of July Parade Routes

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Participating in a parade is an exciting event that celebrates the Fourth of July and brings a community together. Trucks are often used in parades for their large size, ability to pull parade floats, and the open truck beds that can be used to transport parade guests. If you're interested in using your truck in a Fourth of July parade, then there are a number of upgrades you can implement to make the process go a lot easier. Each of the following parts will make it easier to ride in the parade and showcase festive decorations. Once the parade is over, the parts can further be used for everyday truck needs.

Truck Bed Seats

The bed of your truck is a great spot to transport parade guests. Armed forces veterans, beauty pageant winners, or local athletes can sit more comfortably in the back of your truck with the installation of truck bed seats. These type of seats are securely installed against the back of the truck bed. As you're driving down the parade route, guests can sit, wave to crowds, or easily toss out items like candy. When the seats are not being used, they can easily fold up or slide out of the truck to increase your available cargo space. Some seating products also include center console sections with cup holders and small storage areas. This is ideal for carrying drinks and snacks in the back of the truck without having the items roll around.

Cargo Racks

A parade gives you the ability to really transform your truck into a number of different designs. Expand your decoration possibilities with the purchase of a cargo rack. A cargo rack is essentially a framed extension of the truck bed. Support bars extend upward to create an opened box shape ideal for transporting lumber, ladder, and other large pieces of cargo. In a parade, the poles used for the cargo rack can be used to hang banners, streamers, and other parade decorations. For example, if you have a collection of patriotic stuffed animals, it's easy to attach the stuffed animals to the cargo rack poles and create a festive look around your truck. The rack poles can also be used to attach wireless speakers. This is ideal for playing parade music or talking through a microphone as you greet parade guests.

Bed Extenders

Expand the space in your truck bed with the installation of a bed extender. When the tailgate is pulled down, a bed extender provides an extra barrier instead of just leaving the back open. Like the cargo rack, the bars on the bed extender can be used for parade decorations. The extra space on the tailgate can also be used to hold items for the parade. For example, you can place coolers or boxes with snacks on the tailgate. As the truck goes through the parade, parade walkers can easily reach in to hand out these treats to spectators. Truck bed extenders come in a variety of styles and sizes. When shopping, it's important to know your exact truck model so you can purchase a part that correctly fits.

Flag Holders

One of the biggest parts of a Fourth of July parade may be the flags that are on display and represent the history of America. Proudly display your love for the country by installing flag holders on the back of your truck. Flag holders can be installed on the roof of the truck or on the edges of the truck bed. They offer easy ways to attach a flag poll and proudly display a flag while you're driving through the parade. Once the flag holders are installed, you can select a traditional American flag or browse through the history of flags in the United States to select a fun vintage design.

By planning ahead, you can have your truck fully prepared for parade routes. Once the truck parts are purchased, you can use them for multiple years and a variety of parade events.